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  • Glute Activation

    By Dr. Quinn Henoch | In Mobility | on April 9, 2014

    Glutes are fucking great.  They really are.  Hip extension and rotation are paramount in many athletic endeavors, as well as functions of daily life.  A simple internet search will yield many peer reviewed articles showing a relationship between the strength of this muscle group and athletic performance, as well as low back pain, hip pain, […]

  • 1. The Bottom Position of Your Squat: A Defining Characteristic of Your Human Existence by Dr. Quinn Henoch Dr. Quinn Henoch shows you the cause and how to fix the dreaded ‘butt wink’ to help you perform better and stay healthier. 2. Common Habits That Are Hurting Your Weightlifting by Colin Burns Colin Burns helps […]

  • Okay the title is ridiculous.  Though, whether on the competition platform or when training for your respective sport, ones bottom position in the squat can tell you a lot about an athlete.  I want to focus on a common movement pattern that some utilize to attain “proper depth”.  I’m talking about lumbar flexion/posterior pelvic tilt […]

  • Back to Basics

    By Ryan Brown | In Mobility | on November 6, 2013

    Sticking to the basics is something that most of the strong people that I have ever been around seem to resonate. Yet the problem is, people have a hard time determining what the basics are. Most people consider themselves more “advanced” than they are when the are selecting movements or programs. I feel like I […]

  • October’s Top 8

    By Juggernaut | In Mobility, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Sports Training | on November 4, 2013

    At Juggernaut we strive to bring you the highest quality content from athletes and coaches who are currently in the trenches, training hard and dominating at the highest levels. In case you missed some articles this month, we’ve got you covered with some of our favorites from the month of October! 1. 10 Things You […]

  • Breathe Your Way To Better Movement

    By Juggernaut | In Mobility | on October 17, 2013

    Being the guy that teaches people to breathe isn’t very exciting, and nobody is really that excited to hear you talk or to come to your station at the seminar. I still don’t understand what is so sexy and alluring about coming up with fancy ways to stretch, but when you tell them that they […]

  • Maximizing Mobility

    By Juggernaut | In Mobility | on September 29, 2013

    by Keith Enderlein The recent popularity of improving mobility has been a major blessing in the strength and conditioning field.  No longer is stretching just for girls and yoga classes.  People like Kelly Starrett, Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson have made it cool to mobilize and they show you how you can reap the benefits […]

  • The Derby City Seminar

    By Juggernaut | In Training | on September 25, 2013

    The Derby City Seminar brings you over 5 hours of information from some of Juggernaut’s most popular authors. This seminar was $300 to attend in person, not including travel/lodging/food/etc, so this is a tremendous value. This product includes 3 seminar presentations and a roundtable Q&A/discussion. Get It Here! Brandon Lilly kicks things off with Reclaiming Real […]

  • 5 Mobility Must Haves

    By Ryan Brown | In Mobility | on September 20, 2013

    While it seems that the majority of the strength and conditioning world, basically all of the CrossFit world, and every single parent who “used to work out 3, sometimes even 4, days per week, are completely consumed by the idea that they are tight. They just aren’t flexible. One of my favorites “well I have […]

  • Movements to Master for Youth Athletes

    By Ryan Brown | In Mobility | on September 5, 2013

    The physical training of the youth of the United States is a very popular topic. There is no shortage of seminars, books, and blogs addressing the issue. There seems to be as many different opinions on how to train kids as there are people talking about it. I won’t go into too much detail about […]

  • The Journey Back into CrossFit

    By Ryan Brown | In Crossfit Training | on August 14, 2013

    CrossFit got me into the fitness/strength & conditioning world. I was introduced to it in the Marine Corps and loved it. Upon my EAS from the Marines, I began training at Derby City CrossFit in Louisville, KY.  I entered a few CrossFit competitions, there weren’t nearly as many back then. I competed at the sectional […]

  • Build From the Ground Up

    By Ryan Brown | In Squat | on July 25, 2013

    ” I also have questions about training people using CF when you feel the person should be doing something more along the lines of what Jim does but that person doesn’t want to hear that or won’t accept it. I was wondering how you deal with all of that?” This is a question that I […]

  • From mobility, to sports training, to maximal strength development, Team Juggernaut covers a variety of topics in this roundtable Q&A from the Juggernaut Seminar at Derby City Crossfit in Louisville, KY. Brandon Lilly, Corey Hayes, Ryan Brown and Chad Wesley Smith are some of the brightest minds in strength and performance today. Check out this […]

  • Breathing 101

    By Ryan Brown | In Mobility | on May 17, 2013

    Humans take over 20,000 breaths per day. Breathing improperly will cause you to reinforce poor posture, diminishing your mobility and performance, over 20,000 times per day. Ryan Brown of Darkside Strength & Conditioning/Derby City Crossfit shows you some simple assessments and exercises to correct your breathing patterns, improve you mobility and joint positioning and enhance […]

  • Mobility for the Big 3

    By Corey Hayes | In Mobility, Powerlifting | on May 16, 2013

    Now that I am taking in-person clients at my gym, I’m there all damn day. I see the good, the bad and the ugly…. with a concentration on the bad and the ugly. I work with a lot of power lifters and strength driven trainers, usually all have similar issues on each lift. Ill give […]

  • A New Approach to Mobility

    By Ryan Brown | In Mobility | on May 15, 2013

    I guess that, a “NEW” approach to mobility may be the wrong way to phrase it. Really, it is all the same damn ideas that everyone has all the time. There is a ton of information out there, and tons of great coaches getting results with a wide array of techniques and theories. What I […]

  • Relax Your Way To Better Movement

    By Ryan Brown | In Mobility, Recovery | on May 14, 2013

    Relax your way to better movement Hypertonicity refers to being in a state of excessive muscle tone, and it figures a great deal into the flexibility / stability / mobility equation. If a muscle is hypertonic it is going to be producing excessive tension beyond what is needed for the stability of its joint(s) or […]

  • Juggernaut would like to congratulate Colin Burns on his selection to the US Team for the Pan/Am Games! Way to go Colin!! The snatch is quite possibly the most technical lift in all of weight training.  The combination of strength, power, timing, and mobility is quite unique to this movement.  For most, the greatest are […]

  • Healthy Hips, Healthy You

    By Greg Robins | In Mobility, Rehabilitation | on March 12, 2013

    I tailored this article to guys who are lifting a lot of weight,  and/ or aspiring to lift a lot of weight. That being said, the information below is applicable to anyone. Furthermore, just applying it a little will have good carry over. I imagine, some folks will be opposed to some of these suggestions, […]

  • Squat Development for Weightlifting

    By Jacob Tsypkin | In Olympic Weightlifting, Squat | on January 23, 2013

    Since the press was eliminated from competition in 1972, weightlifting has become a completely lower body dominant sport.  Yet – not surprisingly – there is much debate over the best methods by which to develop leg strength for weightlifters. Sometimes – very surprisingly – there is even debate over the need for weightlifters to have […]

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